GOLDA by Studio Cue LA: The home of Aomori Hiba in Topanga Canyon, California

Studio Cue LA was envisioned by Keiko Matsuo, a Japanese holistic qi therapist for over thirty years. Together with Tsugu Wada, they have created a peaceful daytime retreat high up in Topanga Canyon, California. GOLDA is their own line of handmade, personal products, featuring a very special ingredient: Aomori Hiba. 

Aomori Hiba is a Japanese conifer tree, revered for its unique antimicrobial, germicidal, insect repellant and deodorant qualities. Grown in the very north of Japan, the tree does not reach full maturity until it is 200-300 years old. It is at this point that the valuable Hinokitiol can be extracted. 

GOLDA use only Hiba oil pressed from trees that are protected by the state of Aomori. This strict selection process, managed by the Japanese government, helps manage the reforestation of such a slow growth tree.

Interestingly, the presence of Hinokitiol, found in only three tree types worldwide, also protects the wood against mildew and termites. As a result Hiba was used to build important shrines and temples, some of which are approaching 900 years old, such as Chuson-ji Temple and Hirosaki Castle.

Assembly of Objects are delighted to feature three GOLDA Hiba products in our current range of California-inspired limited edition gift boxes.

Presented in our limited-edition Her box, the Hiba sphere soap also contains jojoba, avocado and lemongrass, coconut, palm and olive oils. This tactile soap has a unique citrusy, cedar-like fragrance that is purifying, uplifting and stimulating. And feels simply wonderful in the hand.

For our limited-edition Him box, the Hiba wood atmosphere incense shares that unique citrusy, cedar-like fragrance that is purifying, uplifting and stimulating. Each box contains thirty slow-burning incense sticks and is accompanied by a spherical brass incense holder with base. This combination makes for a very elegant desktop addition.

From our limited-edition New box, the Hiba wood atmosphere mist shares this relaxing, uplifting and fresh mountain smell, stimulating feelings of joy, creativity, clarity and cleanliness. It can be used to help with depression, and has a wide spectrum action against many different families of bacteria. Perfect for the nursery, and when new mums need a lift.

images credit Tsugu Wada