Big Sur

California: Big Sur Redwoods and Whales

Big Sur is defined by a stretch of magnificent coast and the California State Route 1, between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The name derived from the Spanish 'el sur grande' meaning 'the big south', referring to its location south of Monterey.

Three tribes of Native Americans - the Ohlone, Esselen and Salinan - are believed to have been the first inhabitants of the region.

Before the construction of the highway, Big Sur was a nearly inaccessible wilderness, rivaling almost any other region in the Unites States for its difficult access.

This remoteness attracted many writers and artists to find inspiration here, followed by musicians and filmmakers.

The California Gray Whales are currently on their migration back up to Alaska with their newborn babies by their side. As they swim quite slowly and close to the shore, this is the perfect time for a spectacular sighting.

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